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Connie Dixon
Name Connie Dixon
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Hobbies Reading, walking, dancing and cooking.
About Me I am a certified mamm tech who has been on disability for the last 3yrs I have 3 bulging disc, 2 slip disc and a pinched nerve in my back. I went through a bad divorce after 17yrs while on disability. Thru sickness and in health did not matter to him. I am raising 2 beautiful boys alone who mean the world to me we also have 2 beautiful bad cats. I try to stay upbeat for my boys but I am very depressed. W/ Limited income and a 13yr old rusted truck that we pray will get us from A to B. I have wrote the show b4 a couple of years ago. I also take care of my 93yr old grandma who is a breast cancer survivor every day free of charge. I cry so much watchn the Ellen show bc she does so much for different ppl. I love her energy and her happiness and oh yea dont for get the dancing.
Connie Dixon
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582 days ago

My comment is how much I Love Ellen like every one else. I am a single mom on disability raising 2 boys on my own. I would be happy to win anything so that I could give it to my boys for a Christmas gift. I'm divored after 17yrs being with him. He left 2mths after I was injured on my job. Then I lost my job 2 mths after he left. I have 3 bulging disc, 2 slipped disc, and a pinched nerve all affecting the rt side of my body. It is hard to even be writing about myself after the tragic we had in Connecticut. My heart bleeds for the families. My prayers are with that whole community. I know there is always some1 worst off then me. Ellen you are a blessing to the many families that you help. You are Loved so much.