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About Me One of Eight children and was raised poor but wouldn't ever change All the lesson you learn from that. Live modest and struggle like most Americans pay to pay. I have two children one grown and one at home waiting for her to grow wings. Last past few years have been hard taken care of my family and then taken on a watchful eye and taken in my parents. My Mom was in a Nursing home trying to get rehabilitated and I bagged my Dad to stay with me just a bit so I knew he was eating. He but left my house one morning to go to his house and a truck hit him and broke his neck. I felt a lot of guilt after that. Took days to go to the Nursing home to see Mom and when I did she bagged me to take her home to my house. I did... She was dieting and my Dad was dieting both at the same time. My Dad knew it was his time because the night before he ask me to count some money he had in his pocket of 300.00. I wanted to give it back he said no. He said if anything happen to hito keep it. Little did I know I would be buying a new suit for I'm to meet his Father. So this is me always giving myself which will never change it is who I am. So in the end I was grateful they trusted and loved me so much. It's Easter and Mothers Dad which was the Day my Mom went to see her father. It would be so nice to have some happy news.... I so so enjoyed the show you just had everyone won a trip to Aultrailia...I so cried Happy Birthday Ellen Pat Colombo
Win a Trip to Australia!
486 days ago

Today's show had me fighting back flooded tears for the audience that won a trip to Aultrialia. Know it won't happen for me but I could use a trip after looseing both parents 6 weeks a part this time of year a couple years ago. Mom left on Mother's Day so I always have a rage of sadness this time of year. I saw a couple people cry in your audience and was thinking they are people that have huge hearts. I'm so in stretched out I can never see myself ever getting a trip like that and that was why that show really touched me deep. Bless all the winners and hope they have lasting and wonderful memories.
Crying now and hard to type.

Have fun Ellen when you go to Aultrialia