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Colleen Geary
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Colleen Geary
Ellen's Big Birthday Celebration
73 days ago

Happy Birthday to you Ellen,and to your beautiful wife,Portia! You both are lovely,and talented as well. Love watching your show everytime I get the chance,which is quite often now,since I retired Jan.31,2014. I have worked since I was 14 years old,and now that I turned 62, I decided to retire,mostly because of medical issues with my body. Anyway, hope you both have beautiful birthdays!! And many many more!! XOXOXO

Colleen Geary
Drive a Mazda!
74 days ago

I so need a new car! Mine has been broken down for 4 months now,and I'm tired of walking everywhere,and not getting to places I'd love to go,because of the transportation problem. I have a broken down Nissan Senta(02),and have never owned a Mazda. I would love to win this. Please pick me,because I need this so badly!! I am on Social security,and can't afford to fix my car. My husband is on disability,and it takes everything we have just to pay the bills. (The basic needs). Thank you.

Colleen Geary
Day 8 of 12 Days, Colin Farrell, Kings of Leon -- Monday, December 16, 2013
123 days ago

Ellen,My family will NOT be enjoying Christmas this year,for a lack of funds. I have asked for help from several agencies,and no-one will help me, I guess because I don't have young children. Mine are 25,and 32. That doesn't mean they should not have a Christmas at home,with me and their step-dad. But,I have nothing to give,because of the money spent on bills. I even asked JC Penney's,and they wouldn't help me.My car is broke down,and has been for a couple months. It is a 1992 Nissan Sentra, so I have to walk to work,or the grocery sometimes. I have a tumor on my spine,a herniated disc in my neck, and metal rods in my right leg,so it is extremely painful for me,to walk, or to have to work,but my husband is on disability,and doesn't make enough,to pay the bills,so I have to! Can you please help me Ellen. I watch your show all the time,and have viggled it,numerous times. I follow you on twitter,and am signed up on all your social websites. We love you Ellen,and maybe only You can help us. Thank you.