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Colleen Bryan
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Colleen Bryan
Win Every Single 12 Days Prize
591 days ago

Still wondering why there are no winners from Canada for Twelve Days? It would be nice since we watch the show too. I love the show and will continue to watch, but I could really use some of the prizes as it has been a tough year, and I,m sure there are a lot of other Canadians in the same boat.
On a separate note, my thoughts and prayers go out to the families in Connecticut who lost a loved one. It makes you realize that you are not that bad off when something like this happens.
Please send the Love of Canada too All those affected.
Thank you, Colleen Bryan

Colleen Bryan
See the Winners from Day 1 of 12 Days!
593 days ago

Why hasn't anyone from Canada won anything in the twelve days of Christmas draws? I have entered every year and every draw, and I was wondering if Canadian's were allowed to win? Thank You, I Love You Ellen and I will continue to watch regardless, but I was just curious if I am wasting my time entering if Canadian's can't win anyways.