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Clifton Fountain
Name Clifton Fountain
Location Franklin, Virginia
Age 46
Joined 309 days ago
Hobbies football,basket ball,poetry,just being with kids
About Me I'm a out of work Warehouse forklift driver, security guard.Do to a heart valve replacement a couple of years ago. And trying to get work when ever i can. So trying to keep my head above water for me and my five kids and my finance who's carrying the load right now. Who i think is a super woman pushing arthuritist pain in her knee but goes on to support us as much as she can. but i love to see the happiness u bring us at home as well as ur guess. I think ur truly a GOD sent from heaven and thank you for all u do.
Clifton Fountain
Jim Carrey, Nick Cannon
308 days ago

Hello Ellen i thank GOD for a beautiful human being like you. Every time I get to see your show it makes me smile and crack up in laughter. You are one person who makes this world a great place to live in . The way you help so many people out with your generosity and being a voice for others in need. I truly believe your a angle sent. I have nothing but love and respect for you.

I Thank you for you being you,
Clifton C. Fountain Jr.