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Clevie Evans
Name Clevie Evans
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Hobbies dog-lover, cat-lover, singing, music, dinner with friends, NCIS, Roselli & Isles, ELLEN
About Me I am a single Mom, with three wonderful children that are my miracles, all adopted from Cambodia. They were adopted as infants, and are now 12, 15, and 17. They have changed my life forever. I have had many losses to deal with, esp. in the last 5 years, however, I am trying to stay positive, and learning to focus on the many things I have to be grateful for, like my family, my friends, and giving back to others. ELLEN helps remind me of these goals, and keeps me laughing!! Thanks ELLEN!!
Clevie Evans
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381 days ago

After filling out the daily "Koala-fied" Summer Giveaway contest today, Monday, 7/08/2013, there seems to be a glitch in the website. I have filled in the answer to today's question, and the form, three times. When you get to the bottom, upload your picture, etc., there appears to be no prompt to hit "SEND". Perhaps your staff can look into this problem for the remainder of the week. Many thanks!! Clevie Evans

Clevie Evans
Dennis Quaid, Kate McKinnon
456 days ago

ELLEN and staff: I am a huge fan of the show, as well as a big animal rights advocate!! PLEASE, PLEASE bring to ELLEN's attention all of the comments posted on today's ELLEN's FACEBOOK page, promoting the share of video for NHMS. So many ELLEN supporters would love to see that $25,000 go straight to local no-kill shelters, where dogs and cats will benefit directly from 100% of the money. I KNOW ELLEN would like to hear from her supporters. She wants what is fair, and what is right. PLEASE BRING THiS TO HER ATTENTION!! THanks so much! for the animal's sake