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Claudia S. Beebe
Name Claudia S. Beebe
Age 36
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Hobbies painting (water colors), singing, making caramels.
About Me Stay at home mom, I like to visit the nursing homes my parents were in and the Friendship Community Home my brother lived in. I also like to direct, help backstage and perform at my high school productions. My three children and current husband (he calls me his first wife, we like to joke), keep me busy, but I always find time to be home at 3:00 to watch Ellen and exercise. Thank you again for this hilarious, uplifting show!
Claudia S. Beebe
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451 days ago

LOVE the show!!! Just change her voice on "Provided by", she sounds like a robot. My son would always say, "How can she give all these gifts away, she is going to go broke". Thank you again for making millions happy!