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Claudette Forss
Name Claudette Forss
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Hobbies Gardening, knitting, quilt making, reading, Bible study , traveling.
About Me I am a76 widow. I have been a registered nurse for 55 yrs. I volunteer at my church and active in church -bible study, Shawl ministry and our Community meal .I am active in Lakeshore Garden Club and Maywood environmental park as well as Rainbow Kids.
Claudette Forss
Quote of the Day: Ellen's Daughter
369 days ago

So sorry to read about Talia. You made her dreams come true in her last few weeks. Please send my condolences to her family. I was just Dx with breast cancer 2 weeks ago as was my niece Sandra. We both have had breast surgery july8 for me and July 16 for her.
I lost my sister-may 28; my daughter Jude died 6/3/13 unexpectedly and I cared for her 24/7 since she had progressive muscular dystrophy( cared for her for 20yrs) then my daughter in law was Dx with Bell's palsy on 6/7/13 the nite of Judes funeral my aunt died 6/16/13 and I was Dx with invasive ductal cancer 7/1/13! My heart is very heavy right now Ellen Please pray for a miracle for me -I give so much to others and now I am ill. It has been hard for me to grieve there has been so much happening. I love your show and it gave me a boost on Fri. Love Claudette Forss

Claudette Forss
Message from Ellen
530 days ago

I have tried to enter Austrialian contest but when I get to where I want to sign off it changes to a different page and every thing I wrote is gone. I would love to be a family deserving of assistance. My son who injured his rt knee 2 weeks ago is out of work and is bout to loose his daughter Jen was admitted to LA hospital Sat with severe back and leg pain.
I am 76 and care for my daughter 24/7 she is 48 and has progressive muscular Dystrophy. I am a widow; mu husband died 55days after being Dx with pancreatic cancer. I have a son in Boston with muscular dystrophy also. I would love a miracle. Thank you.

Claudette Forss
About This Page
546 days ago

Happy Birthday Ellen
Thanks for your inspiration I would like to recommend a book for you to read:
Help Thanks Wow by Anne Lamont. Three essential prayers. I care for my disabled daughter Judy who has progressive Muscular Dystrophy she is 48 and I care for her 24/7. We watch your show daily. Thanks for all you do for others. I hope sometime you might surprise me with a surprise gift. Claudette Forss ( 76)