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Claire Poirier
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About Me I'm a Registered Practical Hurse who has been working in the same nursing home for a little over 38 years now. I work on the Alsheimer's unit consisting of 61 beds which is at times difficult but rewarding. I became a widow four years ago and was diagnosed with colon cancer two years later. With God's strenght I continued to work full time after surgery and during chemo and did everything I did before I became ill. A positive attitude is the answer. I live in the country on a small piece of land that has been in the family for generations. I am trying to remain in my home despite a few challenges one of which is the grass cutting on the hill I live on. It takes me and another person to use a lawn mower with ropes on each side to let it down and pull it back up numerous times. I did this also during chemo but find I have less strenght now. I'm beginning to look like Hercules, lol! Remote lawn mowers are out of my price range. Otherwise I try and live life to the fullest. Love animals and try support good causes. Thank you for bringing much sunshine in my life with your shows. Your crazy but I love it, love it. Yours truly! Claire
Claire Poirier
Dennis Quaid Gets a Checkup
381 days ago

Boy, Dennis Quaid "gets a check up" just about made me piss my pants,lol! I couldn't stop crying. Good one! You made my day. More please :)