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Cindy Ayala
Name Cindy Ayala
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Hobbies Video Games, cooking, I like to visit haunted areas and take photos, family, my dogs, and friends I love working with my kids and others in my area to help them achieve their goals.
About Me Im a stay at home mom, my youngest is 9yrs old and oldest is 32 and multiply handicapped. not only do I take care of my family, I am also working to help make my neighborhood a better place, by working to bring jobs into the community by bringing businesses into our area. I am the president of my Neighborhood Assoc. Our neighborhood is the only 1 in Tucson that has a Dr. Martin Luther King Breakfast every year. I work out in the community helping my neighbors and working closely with my councilmen and leaders to get what is needed for my community and those around us.
Cindy Ayala
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446 days ago

You laughing at Jim Carey on the bike mishap. Oh Hell you laughing at anything. When you start really laughing, it's contagious...

Cindy Ayala
Message from Ellen
596 days ago

Dear Ellen & Staff,
I have watched your show since the day it was born, and have laughed myself silly through 5 surgeries, 1 baby, a Femoral Stent, and my 25th wedding anniversary. I have entered so many contests to Win something from your show, I lost count. The closest I ever got was when I purchased 2 Live, Laugh, Dance and live laugh love T-shirts as well as a blue water container with ELLEN a crossed it. I love your show, my 9yr old learned to dance watching you, and you have been there. Not just for me but for so many countless families. For that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will continue to watch your show, but as for entering the contests, I never win anything so I have resolved to just sit and watch. I was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana and have kept up on the rebuilding. Thank you and keep doing the good that you do, and bringing the laughter. Sincerely, Cindy Ayala