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About Me this isn't about me. I would like to tell you about an amazing friend of mine Robyn Martin. Hi Ellen. I have a very good friend who not so much needs anything really but has been such an inspiration to myself and so many others. Her name is Robyn Martin. Robyn has been through so many trials in her life. First after her marriage she wastold she could have no children. As a mother myself I can't imagine being told this. Then around the age of 35 she was diagnosed with Lupis. I have no real knowledge of this disease but have witnessed the incredible struggles Robyn has endured over the past 10 years. It is such a dibilatating illness. Then on top of everything else at the age of 44 she was told she had a tumor in her stomach that needed to be removed immediately. Surgery was performed and all looked really good for a bout a year. She was then diagnosed with stage 4 Breast Cancer. She was immediately given Chemotherapy to shrink the cancer. After what eemed like forever on Chemo, which she didn't respond well to the surgery took place. She was given a double mastectomy and many of her Lymphnodes were removed as well.A round of Radiation andbecause of the Cancer cells being present in her system she also has to take another Cancer drug Ceprin?. Tomoxefin for 5 years too. Just reading back my letter I can't quite imagine how you survive this. She has done so with such grace and patience. Around every corner she turned something else was there to block her way and she fought everything head on with such determination. Abunch of us at our golf course run many Fundraising golf tournaments to help people who are struggling with illness and other causes. Right after her Treatments Robyn was one of the leading forces on our team and fundraised and got sponsorships like a mad woman. She was so determined to get the word out about Breast Cancer and how important it is to have a Mammogram. That year we raised awareness and funds for the new Mammography equipment at our local hospital in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. She has since then become the Spokes Person/Ammbassador for the Mammography Dpartment. Since her illness she has also had the WORST case of Shingles I or anyone else has eer seen. I din't realize how painful these can be until she went through it. Incredible! Again, she plugged through with such grace. Her husband Bill is a true sweetheart. There by her side every step of the way. Together they have met every challenge and so far have overcome. I don't really know what I am writing to you for other than to tell you about this incredible lady who has had such challenges in her life. She has through it all never faltered on her focus to survive. She is always the first one to offer her help or advice to anyone who needs it. We have a group of 4 of us that really LOVE you and your show. You show such love and compassion to others.I do know through all her challenges Robyn's one constant was your show and Pinks music. She was always watching as you have that amazing talent of making people laugh and believe in human kindness.Four of us are heading to a Pink concert in Toronto in November of this year.We had some hats and shirts made up which say "Breast Friends and Fight like a girl". Should be a blast. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you about my dear friend and her incredible strength and attitude towards every struggle she has had to encounter. I don't think anyone can understand or recognize what she has gone through. So much for one person.If you could do something nice for her it would be such a joy for her. She loves you as you made her smile through those days fo treatment and recovery. Here's hoping all will be well and healthy for Robyn in the future. I love her so much. She is such a great friend. Thankyou Ellen. Cindy Wilson.
cindy wilson
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Loved the show today. Nice to hear John Mayer's new song. Really liked how Ellen handled the Ryan Gosling situation with Eva Mendes. Her personal life is hers. Very respectful. I liked that.