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Love the show, always and forever! Ellen will always be the #1 talk show! Love to be a winner!!! Happiest holidays!

Cindy Smale
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Well I will try to keep a long story as short as possible! lol Here goes! My mom really deserves something special, and I'm not saying this just because she is my mom, you could ask anyone who knows her and they would tell you she is an extraordinary person! Sooooooooo giving and loving and puts EVERYONE before herself! She moved back to our home town with her husband to be semi-retired and have a great life together back in her dream retirement town and home! They got nicely settled in, made some upgrades to their home to suit there needs for a home that was to last them until they could no longer look after themselves! After just one short year of living here her husband was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, and brain cancer and passed Jan 2012, (1 1/2 yrs) moving back. She nurtured him daily, feeding him bite sized foods every couple of hours, never leaving home or his side. She continued to look after him so well, he was omitted into the hospital and passed just 2 days after being in there. During all the time she was at home caring for him with all her heart she received a call that her baby brother had cancer and was going to die too! This was even more devastating news for her and our family, he was currently in jail, and we haven't seen him for years! He was diagnosed with brain and bowel cancer and was partially paralyzed on one side from the brain cancer! With knowing he was just laying there, with little care waiting to die in jail, my mom couldn't bare the thought of not seeing before he would be taken from this horrible disease! So she flew her and their other brother out there right away, made arrangements to go (while her husband was still alive at this time, knowing he could pass while she was gone), he passed before they were able to fly out. So they went and visited - a one day visit for a few hours because it was in jail. Seeing him lay there, with such great spirits, but in a horrible place, where they believed he couldn't have solid food because he "may" choke from the partial paralysis, this wasn't the case! He was starving! When they brought in burgers for my mom and their other brother, they gave it to Mike, he was very capable of eating!
Once returning home dealing with her husbands funeral, her guilt and anguish of her brother laying there all alone, just waiting to die, ripped her heart apart! She thought, maybe they would release him, after all, he was to get out this year anyway and he is partially paralyzed. Maybe he could come home and die with his family surrounding him. Well with much paperwork and calls and hour and hours spent emailing and on the phone, it happened! They let him come home!
Now I could go on for hours on all the complications and expenses my mom endured! Here is the short of it, even though my uncle was born in Ontario, because he was in an other province - STILL WITHIN Canada, he was not covered under our health coverage, very long and complicated! So at all the expenses of my mother and only my mother, only because she was the only one with a bit of spare money, which came from the passing of her husband, that she took on thousands of dollars in getting her brother here. Ambulance transfer, doctors, in home nurses, many many other medical and personal expenses that she unselfishly put out for her brother to come home and die with us! With many complications, and doing very much of the work ourselves because we had to because we couldn't pay for more nursing/care costs! I personally set aside my personal business/jobs to help my mom and her brother. My mom is 65 years old and needed a lot of help, this was a very full time job looking after someone who was paralyzed on one side of his body. We had to lift him out and into a wheelchair and then back into bed. Bathing in bed etc, many many things that had to be done because her house was not set up for this type of situation and because he couldn't into the proper facility because we had no coverage! Non the less, we had him home and took care of him. He had a really great short journey back home, we were able to get him into a motorized wheelchair and he was able to go about town in small doses and have a bit of independence. With just a couple months home, being tested and found there was no bowel cancer, he had been misdiagnosed!!! We had some hope that maybe he'd be with us longer, maybe his cancer wasn't as bad as we first believed! Shocked that they didn't really do a proper test on him and diagnosed him to lay there and die alone! Anyway the brain cancer was there and it wasn't long before he started to take seizures and go down hill fast. He passed on the birthday of his other sister, this Aug, who had passed of breast cancer 10 years ago.
We feel blessed to have got him home, spend some great time with him and then be by his side at such an early age of 54 to be taken away.
We were also hit with an F4 tornado Aug 21 2011, that ripped right through our downtown core and took several jobs away, so myself and everyone is struggling even just a bit more in this recession because of this horrific tornado, and we are currently still trying to rebuild own town and houses! (Utube Goderich Tornado)
I would love to do anything for my mother, I can slowly recoup the money I lost from not working, but it is taking awhile because of the state our town is in!
This is why my mother deserves ANYTHING I/you could help with; I have always looked at my mom as a strong stable woman, always self sufficient and never a worry in her eyes! WELL since all of this has taken place, she has been a mess, even scared me at one point on her mental state. The problem was she never even had time to deal with her husband dying and his death because she was working on flying out to see her brother, then getting him home. There was no time to go through the grieving stages of her husband because all her focus was on her brother. Then being fully dedicated to looking after and caring for him, then of course his passing. She cries everyday and is very slowly getting better mentally, slowly. The brave, strong, courageous and easy going mother and my best friend, is not who she use to be! She still is the giving and caring person, with still doing for others as she struggles through all of this, just not as strong as I once believed her to be! She has put herself to the side long enough and I would love to give her some of the funds she put out back or a dream vacation, just anything that would give her some of her own self and time back!!!
Thanks for listening!
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