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Cindy Phillips
Name Cindy Phillips
Location San Francisco, CA
Age 64
Joined 448 days ago
Hobbies Family, camping on "our" lake, reading. keeping track of what's going in the world.
About Me I have social anxiety which keeps me from going out of the house too often. I enjoy going to family and friends get togethers. as I know them. Crowds generally panic me. Ellen really makes a bright spot in my day. Love you
Cindy Phillips
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448 days ago

Hey Ellen, I have been a fan since you were doing standup and loyally watch your show every day. My favorite moment(s) are your conservations with Gladys. How is she? I would love to be in your audience but have social anxiety. Unless I have a family member with me in large crowds, I totally panic. Hope you read this just so you know how much I appreciate your kindness and general love of everyday people. You have a great heart.