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Cindy Merchand
Name Cindy Merchand
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Hobbies Empower people to become healthy productive citizens.
About Me I'm a happy single white female who enjoys doing everything with her grand babies and family and friends.
Cindy Merchand
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237 days ago

Hello Ellen, I'm Thankful for your kindness and humor. I'm a single Grandmother raising her 3 wonderful grand babies for over a year and half. My youngest s 2, 8 and 9 years old. My grown son is with his children too. He was in A very unhealthy marriage for ten years. He finally left. The mother sign off her children a year ago for half of the income tax return money :( my son is in trade school now and doing well. We are doing alright. We are thankful for our 2 bedroom mobile home and food, our physical and mental health. I work over 70 hours a week at 3 different human service agency's . I'm a Head start teacher for 28 years an gross income is 28,000 a year and I'm a victim advocate at our local domestic violence shelter for 10,000 a year and I mentor a parenting program for at risk families for 1,200 dollars a year. We r happy and the children are doing well. I sure would like to come for 12days of Christmas 2013 . We live in a small town in Michigan.