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Cindy Lavoie
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About Me I am a medical assistant at a Gastroenterologist office in a small town in Idaho. I have one child, a daughter. I have been married to my husband Steve for 28 years now. I have three small dogs that I adore. We love to be outdoors either on a mountain or on the river.
Cindy Lavoie
Katy Perry and John Mayer
215 days ago

Love your show Ellen!!

Cindy Lavoie
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241 days ago

Hi Ellen,
It would be wonderful to be picked for the 12 days of Christmas. Usually things are great during the holidays but this year will be different. My husband Steve had open heart surgery one month ago. The bills are starting to come in and as you know insurance will only pay a portion. This was a surprise for us to have to go through this but he is now healthy, but is limited to to what he can do until the doctored release him to go back to work in full force. Don't get me wrong he is working but can't lift anything over five pounds. I have watched your show for years and I am in awe over the wonderful things you do for others. May god bless you and your family this holiday season.