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cindy jones
Name cindy jones
Location nova scotia, canada
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Hobbies ELLEN!,serving others,poker, country music,cat crazy rescuer,family and of course God!
About Me I guess this is new?I've commented alotover the years but my comment didnt show today so i guessed the signup was new for everyone? I am 46, mother of 2, gramma of 5 yr old,love helping others.cancer survivor, suffer with FMS,I live in constant pain but Ellen is my daily dose of pain medication.Nothing works as well as she does! I already recieve the newsletter but i'll check th box again. Hope this allows me to be part of the site again cuz i love commenting here!Im so happy seaon 10 is finally here!It's been a really tough summer for our family (bankruptcy, son mental breakdown, another family member with cancer again so My Ellen medicine is greatly needed and appreciated! Someday I want to actually travel out of Canada and come to a show!It is a huge dream for me and is on my bucket list!Between Garth Brooks and Ellen,God has used them both to save me and keep me going every day. I am thankful and blessed!
cindy jones
Nina Conti and Her Audience Dummy!
650 days ago

Still laughing!! This was hilarious, laughed until I cried and doubled over lol! Thanks Ellen , you are my daily dose of pain medication, and someday I would loveeeee to meet !!

cindy jones
What's Trending This Week
667 days ago

Still laughing !!I just love the things you get Amy to do and I do not know how she ever keeps a straight face!I would be laughing before a word ever came out of my mouth.Amy is priceless and i always know I am going to have a good laugh no matter what she is up to!I also love how nobody minds talking about peeing themselves in all your comments lol!! Eeeekk Liam just got dumped on and that looked soooo cold!! The only sad thing is the funniest hour on TV just got over!(But i get to watch again in 2 hours!) Thank you again for being my daily dose of pain medication! You and your staff make my day, everyday! Love Cindy

cindy jones
Season 10 Dedication to Jim Paratore
688 days ago

It's finally here!!I'm so excited that season 10 starts today!! Congrats on 10 yrs of making life better all over the world, you are a true angel on earth! Condolences on the loss of your friend.We are very thankful that he believed in you too!It's been a tough summer for our family so we are very very in need of our daily dose of Ellen laughter and love medicine!No pain med works any better than you! Thank you for being sunshine in our lives every day. I hope we'll be celebrating season 20 too! Love you Ellen, you make such a difference in my daily life!Be well, be safe and be HAPPY!

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