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About Me I am a widow, I lost my husband on 4/21/2013. We have 3 beautiful daughter's, when we met he had a daughter and I had a daughter and then we had a daughter together. We we're together for 30 years, he was my life, my best friend, my soul mate for life. Now he is gone I'm lost, I know he is in my heart forever but that's not the same. I am having a lot of trouble getting my life together, since his death, I have to move out by 12/1/2013 don't know what I'm going to do. I have no money, no job and they stopped his S.S.D. because I'm not 60 yrs. old, I don't understand that. I have medical problems and cannot work, I have tried to apply for S.S.D. and they have denied me again, I am going to appeal it but in the mean time I don't know what to do. They say god only gives you what you can handle, my plate is pretty full it is running over and about to break.I don't know if I can handle any more on my plate. Don't know where to turn I really need to see the light and the end of the tunnel.I really love your show and watch it when ever I can. My story is a long one it all started on 9/25/2011 when my husband was told he had MDS. and they only gave him 1yr. to live without a stem cell transplant. He was a fighter and went though with it on 10/9/2012, He got though it back and forth to the Dr.s and Hospitals. In April 2013 he went into the hospital again and had alot of complications, he needed to have surgery to remove a band on his stomach but they could not do it because he's platelets were to low his was 1 our Dr. said he has never had a case like Dave's before and he has done a lot of transplant, Dave's case had him puzzled and all the other Dr. too. He did beat cancer but the other obstetrical are what got to him. He had to many antibodies that were destroying the blood and platelets they gave him. He fought to the very end. There is alot more to the story, I would love to talk to you about it. There is a story I will tell you about it is called "The Necklace" 3 weeks after he pasted I got this necklace in the mail and there was no card of who it came from. It was a heart with his name on one side and mine on the other and dangling on chains were are birthstones on it. I sat there and cried and cried, because before all this started I looked on line to Bradford Exchange company and pick out the very same one and never told him or anyone about it. So when it came I thought he had our daughter Sabrina look and find something for him to buy for me. I asked her if she knew anything about the necklace and she said NO mom I didn't. It was like the movie "P.S. I LOVE YOU" a mystery so we called the company and ask them where it came from and they told us the name and it was my best-friend form CA. who sent it, I cried some more and then I called her and Thank her and told her the story of how I look at the very same necklace myself we both cried and cried. It was a if Dave was on her shoulder saying get that one it's perfect. She was going to send a fruit basket and her sister told her to send something that she will always remember. She had never ordered anything from that company before so it was so weird out of all the company's to go to she went to the same one I had seen the necklace on. It was exactly like I had put it, the names and birthstone's. "GOD IS EVERYWHERE!!!" I hope to here from you so I can explain the story to you. Oh did I tell you I have not seen my BFF Ronda for about 6 yrs. We've been friends since I was 15 yrs. old. Thank you for reading my story I know I'm not very good at writing, but I hope this makes sense to you. I LOVE YOUR SHOW YOU PUT A SMILE ON MY FACE EVEN WHEN I'M HAVING A BAD DAY. WHICH IS ALL THE TIME!!! Thank You Cindy Hoedebecke
Cindy Hoedebecke
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Here's to wishing you a Happy Birthday :)and hope you feel better soon. I also wanted to Thank You for all the kind things that you do for so many people you have a heart of Gold and your kindness to others is so awesome!!! You are a very kind and generous person... I Love watching your show it makes me happy and laugh even when I'm having a bad day!! Which is all the time since the loss of my husband.

Cindy Hoedebecke
An Inspiring Couple Gets a Big Surprise!
301 days ago

My heart and prayers go out to them, I wish them the best,live one day at a time. My husband was diagnosed with MDS on 9/25/2011 when our life changed he needed a stem cell transplant to keep him a live they only gave him 12 to 18 mo. to live. He got the transplant in 0ct.9.2012. But other complications came up DR.S were puzzled and had never had a case like his. He was my bestfriend,soul mate for life together for 30 years.I lost him April 21, 2013, I am lost with out him, now I have a lot going on have to move, financial problems and I also have health problems that prevent me for working. But the S.S. doesn't see it. They stopped his S.S. in may and now don't know what I am going to do. I love and miss him so much and never left his side in and out of the hospitals. I not complaining I would do it again. Just don't know where to turn or go, they want me out by 12/1/13 I have to much going on for one person to handle, the Dr. has me on Blood pressure med's now and have high B/P. I Love you show it puts a smile on my face watching you, your a very kind and funny and up lifting person. Thank you for listening to my story, I know there'e more but I know your a busy person. Just wanted to thank you for being you... Thank you Cindy