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Cindy Batie
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Hobbies fb. haha. but true. lost a lot of ability to do activities with my RA and Lupus. I enjoy writing on fb to people with same diseases to help and encourage. I love spending time with family. Just a tender handholding time with my husband and hugs from my college children mean everything to me.
About Me Born in Nashville, Tenn. Can't sing a lick, but am the great niece of Our Legendary Queen of Country Music Kitty Well and Her Husband Singer Songwriter Johnnie Wright. I have a degree in English/Journalism in which I worked for a few years before working with the Opryland Hotel in Reservations and Guest Services. I married my sweetheart in 1988. Met at Church;we were both runners. We took off to Airforce shortly after. My husband went in as a Pharmacist. We have raised two beautiful children; Our son is married and in Med School pursuing Pediatrics Orthpedic Surgery. He researched and published Oncology Journals as an Undergraduate. Our daughter will graduate in May in Elementary Education. I was a stay at home Mom and very fortunate to have raised the children to the point of self reliant, and also privileged to have taught school, tutored autistic children and helped teach remedial reading before my diagnosis of Lupus and RA. Those diseases you may know can sit you down, and change everything about you physically and emotionally. I've been on meds galore and to date haven't matched up with an effective med to put these diseases in remission. After denial, crying,wanting to die, I have finally accepted my new normal and am doing what I can to encourage others with the same diseases. It's rough, but am hanging in there. Gotta see these kids through school. My husband is wonderful;but my dream is to go into remission and get back to the work world to help us out. Life is great. God is Great. We look to Him for our Strength and Serve Him Daily.
Cindy Batie
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315 days ago

Beautiful, I'd love to see you October 9 in Phoenix. I'm at home with Lupus and RA and often listen to your music. Soothing. I'm 54 and my sister in Nashville 20 years my senior sits at her computer and listens as well. She posts "To Where You Are" on her son and her husband's birthdays. They are both in Heaven now. I'd like to bring her to Phoenix to see the October 9 show with me. Though ill, I am very blessed with a beautiful family, and I know no one who loves to hear you better than my Nashville sister. We haven't seen you live, but your songs are always in our hearts. How wonderful Ellen that you had him on your show today. We were blessed. Blessings,Cindy