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Name cindy
Location Detroit, Michigan
Age 60
Joined 595 days ago
Hobbies reading, arts&crafts,baking taking care and having fu with my grandkids,camping with the kids.
About Me I'm amrried and have 1 dog(chiuahua9yrs)and a tabby i rescued off the street as a baby 2 yrs now. my husband and I enjoy camping and fishing and teaching our grandkids all we can about nature and just having fun in life.
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594 days ago

I love you and your show, I hope your show runs for many many years, you are so funny. I have to get my daily shot of laughter from you because you make the day go better. Sorry if i make any mistakes, but it freezes up and i wait.Thank won't stop me from letting you know you have the best guests, and I love how you like to scare people it's so funny. Some of the games you play are fun for my grandkids to do.I' going to try to send you a picture of my cat I rescued off the street 2yrs ago as akitten someone dropped off.

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595 days ago

I love your show and i record everyday on my DVR so I won't miss one. My daughter loves you too,but she has to work, and can only watch you once a week and catches up on what she misses from me. I have too much trouble with my computer so this is the first time I have it working good enough to use it. My daughter Ann has two beautiful girls 13 and 6 yrs. old.She works alot of hours and she is always kind and giving to others, i just wish i could win something for her and her girls.