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cinder roherty
Name cinder roherty
Location janesville, wi
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Hobbies writing, reading, grandchildren, walking everyday to maintain a stupid bad back, watch very little tv but make an exception for Ellen
About Me I am a grandmother, just recently retired due to a debilitating syndrome called sjogrens (unfun). Hap, happily married to Joe and lucky enough to have six extraordinary grandchildren. I write.
cinder roherty
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584 days ago

I would be honored to accept numerous expensive and fun gifts from Ellen...but only if it should please her. I would never shame her by refusing any of said gifts for I am as considerate as they come. Thank you kindly.

cinder roherty
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606 days ago

Ellen, you told us what you are thankful for but for myself and many many others we are thankful for you! Even though I am not one of your lucky recipients, I think your kindness and generosity is super and I am glad you are paying forward or giving back or whatever they are calling it.
I have seen you do wonderful things for people who could use and deserve a little helping hand. Just recently what you did for the border patrol guard and his family was great! They truly needed a little help and appreciated it dearly---you could tell.
I hope you continue to help those less fortunate and I hope I get to watch you do it. God bless.