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Christy Edwards
Name Christy Edwards
Location Indianapolis, Indiana
Age 40
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About Me Christy Edwards Ellen my parents just died and I am disabeld only get a little money a month I have 2 kids and we are about to loss are house that was my parents house we have nothing now we dont even have water are pips are broke and cant afford to fix them.My father had field bankrupsy not to long before he died and me and my kids are left with nothing I need help please. my kids love that house and I cant do it by myself I only get $700.00 a month and time I pay bills I have nothing left,Not even for close are food.My ex beat me untill I have brane damadge and suffer from uncontrold Sezures PLEASE help me For my kids.Thank you #317-955-2387.We live in Indianapolis Indiana
Christy Edwards
Ellen's Plea for Sandy Relief
495 days ago

I have nothing for my kids for CHRISTMAS PLEASE help me Christy EDwards 2000 n Harding street Indianapolis Indiana 46202 @317-955-2387 Both my parents died this year we are having such a hard time gettting ready to loose our house but all I want for christmas is my kids to have something.THANK YOU

Christy Edwards
Moving Letter to Santa
497 days ago

Christy Edwards I have nothing for my kids for Christmas this year they are 14 and 16 girls.My Parents just past away this year and I am disabled and dont get much a month.We dont even have a tree.PLEASE hellp us We are about to lose are house.My address is Christy Edwards 2000 n Harding street Indianapolis Indiana 46202#317-955-2387 Thank You.