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192 days ago

That's fine. Match is a massive company. My younger brother joined Match and started getting messaged by scammers from *****ia. I don't think any good intentions dating site is free from the monsters out there.
I have developed an alternative to online dating where members meet via webcam. I hope these animals cant use my site for scamming since it is all webcam! I'm sure in time they will find a way - I will make it hard for them :)

Christopher Giles
The World Wide Web of Dating
192 days ago

There are some good stories of people that are happily married from meeting on a dating site. I wish it stayed as pure as that.
If everyone used a dating site for the honorable intention of dating and forging relationships - the industry would be in better shape.
I have developed an alternative to online dating. Dating via webcams.
It started because I was hated the concept of fake profiles and profile pictures.
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Christopher Giles
New Online Dating Sites
192 days ago

I think whatever dating site you choose to pursue - do it carefully.
I feel strongly about the deceptions created by profile pictures. Why do so many people deceive others with their pictures - if they end up meeting someone by gaining interest using that fake pic what will they say when that person doesn't look anything like the picture?
Waste of time.
There is a solution - meeting singles using your webcam
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