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Christna Poole
A New Car for a Single Mom
261 days ago

Hi Ellen! I know a person in need of a car. He's a co-worker who is a single dad. This man, Adam, is a baker at Panera Breads in Arvada, Co. His schedule is from 9:00pm to 8:00am. He has to ride the bus in and home every day. I give him a ride when I'm available, but I work a very different schedule and am not always able to help him out.
He moved to Co. about a year and a half ago from Ill. and just hasn't been able to buy a car with rent, child care and well, life in general.
He sometimes he has to come in late to work because he had to find a sitter that could come to his house because he can't get his child to their house and find a bus to get to work. IF it's snowing, well that's a whole different story as busses run an hour or more behind due to weather.
I have to admit that he will be so completely surprised that I even wrote this for him. He and I had a real rough start when we met. Not to mince words but he irritated the hell out of me that first 6 months we knew each other! He reminded me of that annoying little brother that you're stuck with but have to love because he's family. We did eventually get over that and I am now proud to call him friend! He is a real good guy and a great father who is having a rough time and deserves so much more than he has had to deal with this past year and a half!
So, I'd like to nominate him for a car.

Thank you for considering him!!!
Love you and your show!!!
Christina Poole
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