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Christine Stewart
Name Christine Stewart
Age 56
Joined 595 days ago
Hobbies I love to paint-and work in the yard
About Me I am a mom of 1 child her name is Nikki and she is having a baby in May and I am marr-for 17yrs and have 2 dogs and I thank God for what I have
Christine Stewart
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595 days ago

Hi Ellen I have not seen my daughter for 1yr now she lives in Colo-and has had 3 heart surg-and know is 5months preg-the baby is due in May I have no job or money in order to see her I miss her so much and my B-Day is on Dec-21 and it would be the best gift I could ask God for she also had a bad car accid-11months ago and lost her job becau-of the car accid-she had to have leg and foot surg-but I thank god that is all that happen Pleas-help me see her its Christmas and she is all I have I MISS HER SO MUCH I want to see the baby bump befor-the baby comes A mom who crys to sleep every day .Thanks