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Christine Scheifele
Name Christine Scheifele
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About Me I am a 49 year old female whose husband is on assignment in Mexico! We are considered to be ex-pats and since none of the wives can drive their own vehicle we have a small club of International Wives Club! I like to watch your show when I can but have a hard time watching it everyday! One day I would love to come to see your show!
Christine Scheifele
Shania Twain on Overcoming Challenges
278 days ago

I read the Shania Twain book a couple of years ago and I really enjoyed it. It does have a deep meaning and I think everyone should read it! It is a good read.

Christine Scheifele
Exclusive! Leah Remini on Her Mom
323 days ago

I love your show but unfortunately don't get to watch it as often as I would like to. Leah Remini is hilarious1 Looking forward to your 11th season of laughs and dance!