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Christine Polson
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Christine Polson
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174 days ago

January 31st, 2014

Dear Ellen (and everyone in her contact list)

My name is Christine Polson and I am writing to you from Superior, Wisconsin. (One of the coldest regions in the country at the moment).

My family has been active with our local Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) and our county Human Society for the last fifteen years. We believe in their mission and we want to support helping animals.

In the last year, ARF merged with Animal Allies only to succumb to political and financial misunderstandings.

Our city ARF operated on a yearly budget of $20,000.00 (If I'm not exact, I'm close! The City Council meeting was going around in circles so the exact # got lost in the shuffle) That measly amount is now being debated. The ARF and Humane Society volunteers (who, across the entire country, are all in this to help the animals) work for nothing, yet they believe in what they do and won't stop!

My plea to you and all your friends is for a “match” of city tax dollars in order to provide at least one more year to our city shelter, until those involved get it together and figure this thing out!

I understand every city and county in this country is in a position of “money crunching” but to not support a local shelter is unimaginable! There are heartbreaking stories everywhere, I hate it!!

I don't want any money and the shelter workers don't want any money, we all just want a shelter for at least another year!

I know you are friends with people who love animals. Didn't Pam Anderson pose nude to protest fur?!! Go Pam! Are you friends with her? We can't do that in the north!

Are you friends with George Clooney? I heard he has a pet pig!? He wouldn't want his pig left out in the cold with no shelter! Can you imagine what would happen to him???? or her?? Sorry, don't remember if it was a boy or a girl pig!

I know the economy is bad and times are tough but I am not above begging for a worthy cause! You can safely consider me pun intended!..Ha, get it! :) There's even laughter in begging!

Please feel free to forward my plea to everyone in your address list! :)

Please consider and please continue to do what you do! My family loves your show and what you believe in!

Constant thoughts,

Christine Polson
3015 Hughitt Avenue
Superior, WI 54880/715-392-8733/218-260...-5529