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Christine Cayea
Name Christine Cayea
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Hobbies Painting, fishing, anything outdoors.
About Me I am a retired ICU nurse, who retired due to health issues, loved my job wished I was still working. I love the show, it is so nice to see someone who genially believes a and wants the world to be kind to one another. I believe we should all do onto others, always be kind, it doesn't hurt to hold a door open for someone, smile, it really does effect the way your day will go or maybe so done else's. Ni have had brain cancer, survived that, I have an autoimmune disease that has forced me to stop doing my job and effected the way I live my life, almost lost our home because of it....and I still smile and help who ever I can...I don't think I am supposed to be writing all this so I will stop. Love you ellen. U r wonderful!!!!!!
Christine Cayea
The Cousins Reveal Their Amazing Home Makeover
161 days ago

The transformation of the house was unbelievable. Gorgeous!!!!