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Christine Brand
Name Christine Brand
Location Saugus, MA
Age 58
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Hobbies Humor, excercise, reading, wounded warrior project, helping where I can
About Me I am a very funny optimistic woman who loves her kids more than life. I have raised them myself and have taken great pride of how they have turned out. (they are funny too....humor is what gets you through life.)
Christine Brand
Have You Been Inspired to 'Play It Forward'?
565 days ago

Ellen I have always been a proponent of Paying it Forward. I am a single Mom with two kids but I am a firm believer to lead by example. I have two kids 27 and 30 and I have always tried to set a good example. I am not rich by any means like every hard working person I am in debt. Recently, I was at Trader Joe's and this young girl had a mask on her face holding so many groceries. She was probably around 12 with an autoimmune disease. I saw her and told the cashier please ring this quickly...I went over and gave it to that little girl was and her smile was worth a million buck...I will never forget her smile. I have done it many times before and at work I have Christine's 10 rules and one of them is pay it forward. I want the students that work for us to have it in their heart. They take it seriously so it is testimony that in some small way we can spread the word. It is not all about you or me. We need to help others:) It gives me such joy and the best reward is it makes me feel good about myself.
God Bless Ellen....Love all you do