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Christine Andersen
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About Me I'm a stay-at-home mom of a 10-year-old daughter, Michelle. She is what keeps me going every day. As a colorectal cancer survivor, my treatment has rendered me disabled, which can bring me down. The Ellen Show gives me a chance to laugh every day & inspires me to be kind to people. My bucket list includes going to a show one day & hopefully meeting Ellen. I'm not on Twitter because I just couldn't get the hang of it, but you can find me on Facebook as Chris Andersen or Christine Wiegert-Andersen!
Christine Andersen
Ellie Kemper Hosts the Show!
186 days ago

Hi Ellen. Sorry you are sick with the flu. Maybe the whole staff didn't get their shots in time to not get those germs on you. I'm sure you'll look into that when you return. Ellie did a wonderful job. It was great to see your scheduled guests didn't cancel. Who'd want to be known as the a** who cancelled because Ellen got the flu after all? NPH was so funny-especially his observation on the wooden cutout gift resembling you having the flu. I hope you get well quickly and can enjoy your birthday. Looking forward to Mondays show with Ellie as a guest! So great to know you can count on others when you really need them. All the best, Christine Andersen, Kenosha, WI

Christine Andersen
Caption This! Where's the Kitty?
422 days ago

Mom said it's bath time so I'm hiding...Shhhhh...don't tell her where I am!