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About Me Caring love life love my family and Ellen makes my day
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579 days ago

Hey Ellen, well I prayed and wished that I would have won one of your twelve days of Christmas SOS that this year I could give my family a wonderful Christmas. Our Christmas wish has come true though I'm not in the hospital I'm not in the nursing home I'm not in a comma. I'm alive and get to spend every minute with my family so I am very fortunate that way and very blesses. I wish you and Porsche a very very Christmas and as happy new year like Gladys says keep on keepin on and that's what I do. Still love you and will continue watching you so you can keep me smiling. Love ya Christine from bull, mn

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583 days ago

Love you I am in pain and sick everyday but I watch your show and you put a big smile on my face plus so do my boys you seem to live life like it was your last day and that is what I do, I take absolutely nothing for granted and so very lucky that I am still alive if you only new what I have been thru the last several years but I worry so much about my husband and boys it has been very difficult for them. I am just so glad I am not in the hospital or nursing home and to be with my family this year even thou we can't afford to buy them one gift but they tell me the best present is that I am here with them. I. Just would love to win one of the twelve days of Christmas so I can give my boys and husband a nice Christmas to have something to open omn Christmas Day, but I will keep preying I will win. Thank you for being you and putting a big smile on my face everyday when I watch you

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583 days ago

Love you you still make me smile I will keep watching

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587 days ago

Love you all I can say is your infectious in every way possible as I have said before I have been very ill the last several years coma blood clots in lungs legs diagnosed with diabetics because of all the prednisone a couple other diseases in and out of hospital completely broke from all the medicine and company's we have to pay so last year we could not afford to buy one thing for our boys and this year will be the same my boys said the best Presisent is that I am still alive and I just got out of the nursing home a few weaks ago from fracturing my back in several places because my bones are so brittle III am. So grateful to be alive and to be able to spend this Christmas at home with my family and I know Christmas isn't about getting presents but my boys and wonderful husband have also have had such a stressfull and constant worry about me, they have all suffered from depression my youngest tried to committ suicide this summer died twice but my husband was able to do CPR my youngest said he just doesn't know what he would do without me they all and myself have talked with councelors to help us deal with this so I watch you everyday you put a big smile on my face and now I have entered every 12 days of Christmas preying that I will win because I sure would love to give my family a great Christmas and have something to open on Christmas Day I really hope I win but only one more day of gifts I'm crossing my fingers love you Ellen

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588 days ago

Ellen you make me in such a good mood especially when I am down from being sick which has been along. Time I am just thankful to be still alive and watch you everyday

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597 days ago

Ellen in the last 2 years I have been in a coma been in hospital numerous times been to nursing home two times this last time I was in nursing home for a little over three months I have been home for two weeks still in wheel chair sleep in a recliner every nightt suffer from tremendous pain but I wait for your show to watch everyday because you just make me feel better and laugh you are infectious a good thing. This will be the second year i have not been able to give my family a great Christmas no presents but my boys tell me the best present is I am still here and alive and I am so grateful to be alive to have my great. Two boys and husband and you to make me feel good. I still wish I could get them something for. Christmas they have had a tremendous two years wondering if I am going to live or die, today I am here hoping to win one of the 12days of Christmas, love ya and see you tomorrow