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Christina S
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To answer the question you asked on yesterday's show, "What I want most in life," is very simple: for my husband and I to live long healthy lives and to find a way to grow our family. We have been so fortunate so far in finding each other early on while we were in college and now having the opportunity to start a new life together. I wish people could get the credit they deserve for putting so much in and doing their jobs day after day in order to provide for their families and that is what my husband has done for me. I am so grateful for him. And now as we near the third year of our marriage all we can hope for is the blessing of children of our own, and for our own families to continue to be healthy and live long enough to see our children grow. So I just wanted to share this with you and your show and the world as what my family wants most in life is just to be happy and to be healthy, and most importantly, to live. Great question! And I'm happy to read from some of the other recent comments here that other people's goals are very similar which is a beautiful thing to see as I honestly feel this is one of the most precious gifts we can ask for out of life and should aspire to.