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Christina Nold
Name Christina Nold
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Hobbies Dancing, reading and spending time with my family.
About Me I have been married 26 years this June 20. I have four sons and we run a backhoe rental business. Life is crazy and I feel like we are a sitcom because of all the madness... My boys are all into the arts but also very athletic. We rent out backhoes so I like to say we have the best "hoes " in town! We went to see Ellen and had a blast! My son danced for the crowd and my other son drew a picture of Ellen... Anyway, that's it about me. Short huh? Heehee
Christina Nold
Usher on Bieber: 'He's Young'
422 days ago

We attended your show with Howie and Usher and had such a great time! My son, Alex Nold, danced during the break. Is there any way to get a copy of his dance? My other son, Anthony, was the one who gave Ellen his drawing of her as a gift. Again, we enjoyed the show!