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christina hatherly
Name christina hatherly
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Hobbies biking, running, drinking wine ;) music (former conductor for the Chicago Children's Choir) spending time with family <3
About Me I'm a mom (driver of the mini van, taker of kids to activities), a former conductor, who loves her family, loves to travel, loves to go for long bike rides (like 20-100 miles at a time ;), is trying to love running (but it's a love/hate relationship), loves a good glass of wine with my husband, any time spent with friends, and in a less hectic former life wrote poetry and music (when the kids are grown and gone, I'll revisit those loves again). My husband calls me a terrier because when I get a hold of something I like (or believe in), I won't let go of it. My kids love me despite my obsessive need for order and clean kitchen counters. My dog loves me because I give her bacon. It's a good life <3
christina hatherly
Chris Hemsworth, Marshall Kimber
313 days ago

SOOOOOOOooooo excited to be coming Tuesday!!!!!!!!!! #girlstrip for a pals 50th birthday celebration. We'll be dancing Ellen!! <3