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Christina Brabazon
Bethenny Frankel and Ricky Gervais
565 days ago

Dear Ellen and Bethany,

I just watched your show, and felt that I needed to write because making the decision is the most difficult part of the Divorce. The moments that follow will be uncharted, but always know that you, and only you have the power to move through these challenges, in order to move forward. Be kind, gentle and patient with yourself, as you move into this uncertainty. Light those candles, have all of your favorite people and things surround you.
As for Brynn, she will love you forever, love who you are, and one day understand. But for now, enjoy these moments, and special time that you have with her. Take advantage of the time she has with Jason, to recharge and gather your strength. I believe in you.
20 years ago, I was in your shoes. Today, I am with my Daughter(21), and remarried to someone who makes me laugh, feel love, and comfort everyday. Sure the hell of the divorce was a great way to lose weight, sleep and friends, But I stayed true to myself, and surrounded myself with the goodness and light of those who could lift me up. I know that you will too.

Finally, after every dark, scary storm, the sun always shines. In know this to be true for you too. Wishing peace, comfort, and the joy ,that you will have back in your life, with so much more. Your Greatness awaits!!!!!!

My best and comfort~and lots of hugs!!