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Message from Ellen
610 days ago

Well, you never know. You're supposed to be able to see these people if you feel like it and are worthy of it. Think of how open Tim Burton is. I've posted about him so much on the internet. It's funny how people seek out those other than their own. They get attention for it. It's interesting to see the choices they make and the hardships they go through.

I've been through a lot, lost my female thing from a mental illness pill. It's not very substantial, anymore, at least not for awhile I guess. I lost it for over a year. I feel more dead than before but that I could have a life again. In case it really was the pill, it's for Schizophrenia and called Risperdal and maybe also for Bi-Polar.

Yes, I also saw her show for months, should have seen it sooner.

More people should want to see her show. She is open to different people. Jimmy Fallon and Colbert are also nice.

Message from Ellen
610 days ago

Wow, I tried watching her show every day, too, and succeeded but passed on the holidays, well, had some difficulties. I wish I kept up with her on Twitter over the summer.

She's a nice talk show host and got featured in a nice ride at Disney for what she's done.

I also like Jimmy Fallon and want to watch Colbert.

I get funny thoughts after having experiences with these famous people. They are like a passageway to something else.

I used to go to 2 movies every weekend, usually when they opened. It becomes a lot, even with the fact that I don't work but am not feeling well.

I should have become a model. I was trying to become an actor, but things keep getting in the way.

I have money problems, too, like a lot of people I used to see on here.

Anyway, yes, she has a nice show. :) It's fun to keep watching, something to do. When I lived in the area she's from, I was very active, as well, never watched TV, sometimes maybe, well at 1st now I recall I did watch Nick at Night. Now, I live in Orlando, and I guess it's just one more distraction. Working is a serious decision. Oh, I was turned down by all the acting and modeling places, have one good place left or have to wait 6 months, March. So, I guess I applied back in August.

I wonder what it's like to be Portia. I imagine she gets lonely. She had those 2 girls on her show like every week, but they're going back. I just like the respect that she gets.

It's nice to see those actors and singers go on her show all winded and excited. I guess you just have to take care of yourself and upkeep your reputation, not worry about temptation. :|

So, I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving, to you, too. :)

Hm, it's funny, if Ellen didn't go online it would be different. It's nice to see what everyone has to say. Looks like they're cooking up some new stuff in Disney for teens, I'd think. I sparked an interest in that arena, myself. Well, okay. :) Oh, yes, and I found these nice links:
Disney Junior Headquarters @ Burbank
Early Childhood Development Major @ UCF (the other one being school based, like on subjects more) tinyurl .com/2012-11-25-2

I guess most people are careful to come online but probably would have a lot to offer on different things and maybe make certain wishes. Ellen is untouchable. I wonder if before she was more open.

I guess you just have to show your interest in her, be polite, be interesting, and other things, probably. I don't know if most people share a blog, but I have a tag on her. You could even make tags of posts to celebrities in hopes they will look at your blog.


Message from Ellen
610 days ago

That's nice you watch her show on the weekend. It sounds like a good idea. It's fun to keep up with her on Twitter, too. People go on, like maybe I dunno 10 or 20 a minute or maybe sometimes 5-10 if not often. It doesn't always work. I tried keeping up on Facebook, too, but it doesn't seem much will happen there.

It seems like we have to post on the boards of these famous people. I wish I posted online sooner. :(

Message from Ellen
610 days ago

I think it has been always legal to record shows on TV because one day we'd get music shufflers. We just don't want the said media to fall into wrong hands.

I couldn't find when TVs started that record at a certain time, but I think they've been around since the mid 90s, at least.

I guess we are expected to watch her show, at a certain time, and who knows how long she's been online.

It's hard to know the best time to show shows on TV, these days.

I was busy getting into college and living in the world.

Message from Ellen
610 days ago

So, I had a good Thanksgiving, didn't watch the Macy's parade. Your show didn't work a few times, so I gave up. Supposed to get a recording device for the old TV in my room in the garage. Maybe, it'll work....

Ah, you have some names I haven't heard of for the upcoming week. Interesting...

Well, okay. Sad I missed your show when I wasn't feeling well. Didn't go to the grocery store and have been regulating my health routine.

Message from Ellen
644 days ago

I haven't seen any talk show hosts much at all nor based on like talking to people rather than presenting them and making fun of things. Comedy is cool. Most things these days have a lot of humor.

I don't believe psychology would prepare you to be a talk show host nor co-host. I guess you could try to do that and act. I just post myself online. I don't make money from it. Not many people find me.

I guess that people today are more conventional.

Message from Ellen
645 days ago

Vegas sounds good, kinda like Texas.

Message from Ellen
645 days ago

So do I, and I have to post online...

Message from Ellen
652 days ago

Haha! Well, yea, cat videos are, indeed, always ... ^99^ ^66^ ... "cute." *hears the toilet flushing* Everyone remember all those crazy animal videos you get like in e-mail forwards from your aunt who always writes to you? And probably circulate around YouTube. 8|

9 can be a good age. Girls can go through puberty, then. I didn't until I was almost 11. I think the normal time is during 11. We moved, then, as usual, and I quit taking gymnastics once or twice a week. My hair went from about as straight as it can be at some point to being as frizzy and tangled as it can be by the time I was almost 12. Then, we ended up moving out of state. :6

Kate Walsh and Mike Epps
653 days ago

Wow, Mrs. Ellen DeGeneres... I really like your show!

I hope that kids who are just starting out high school are currently watching your show. They are like the kid you never had, but maybe somehow one day you will have a child. I know I would like to have one, maybe. I wanted a son. However, I assume I would have a son and daughter, a son first.

It's funny, looking at the ads, I've been getting into Hollywood more the past years, and now things aren't as impressive to me. I've been into top notch quality, like Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, mainly, about "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" but actually talking about other things on other boards.

^99^ Wow, you know, I like to look up to you like a mother, but I respect every woman for that they should have kids, like me. I feel a special attraction to you, as a person. I just had another dream I was in a class, not feeling well because I didn't end up going to the grocery store to get the right food, but I was feeling so ants in my pants about you and everyone noticed, I think. I scooted up.

I feel restrained as American and limited to my freedoms. I feel inhibited by my blood relatives, some of whom I have up on my website.

You have such a neat yet complex website!

I guess that the main thing on your show this week and on Friday was the Haunted House. It was neat how you had the guy go through it first. It seemed really scary. Then, you had your 2 girl workers go through it. That was neat how the big one carried the little one. I wonder why the little one is so little, but I hope she stays that way. I posted a Twitter reply about this video, too. I told you how I know I could totally not stand to be in a setting like "Ghost Adventures," where they are locked down in multiple places all night, every week.

I read your dad is not from the U.S. It's been a big deal to me that I'm not that good from my mom because my dad is from the U.S.

So, in "Ghost Adventures," they see ghosts. Like I said, the scariest thing I've ever seen was when a ghost made a machine beep when they asked questions and when they asked if it killed a person and there was no answer. I just can't imagine being there. I've had my back make me go in convulsions since I went to the mental hospital and a girl irritated me and made me not able to eat right for maybe months or nearly a year.

Anyway, on "The Secret Circle," there is a guy with a Dutch American dad and an Welsh mom, from America. He is so plastered and barely moves and is kinda serious and with a large head.

You all know Nell Burton and Lily Rose Depp and the boys? They seem silly, in different ways. They have the most famous dads in the world from America who moved to Europe and married wives there. They are so stuck up. Well, I'm just saying how I feel. It just goes. I guess that's suggestive, but here in Orlando people are like that. I guess I won't point any fingers. To explain further, it's because people are mean to me since I thought someone wanted me to call them the "n" word who was weird. Now, people are very mean to me, and it really makes me go in convulsions. I just hope, earlier tonight thinking that, that the world doesn't have that happen to them for all the things they did wrong to everyone. You just have to be open, and things come up, though they shouldn't. It's nice to know whose fault it is things came up. It's probably my fault I don't feel right and have had bad things happen to me.

I have scary animation movie things up on my 2 most recent Facebooks. I made groups for you on the ride you have at Disney.

I would never do some things to some people so never need to get anything out.

That would be neat if you talked about being at real ghost sites for Halloween and like went to one yourself. I don't think they hold people captive for long at the sites but always meet whoever hosts the place. The problem is that it could all be fake. It's still very nerve-wrecking. I've seen real ghosts so guess I believe it. I don't know why I've seen things. I'm seeing indents in the air, right now, which I usually don't. My eyes almost popped out of my head, as well. Ever since I went to the mental hospital, dots got all over my computer! I don't know why we post things like this in times like this. I guess you can expect that, but, before, there weren't any.

Isn't it funny they have "Ghost Adventures" on the Travel Channel?? I'm just mentioning it since you had haunted stuff on the show. "Ghost Adventures" was my first TV show. I punched my wall when I was mad, and then I saw an arm on "Ghost Adventures." I had posted about it on their site. Too bad I lost the account. I'm looking at the site now, and I realized the scariest thing is when they see an apparition. The talking is constant, and sometimes they feel a ghost. It doesn't seem as scary now looking back, though. Life is so miserable and purposeless. Anything that has meaning leads to death. I know there are times in life when feelings run high, and it's hard to get things like that to ever happen. However, you can always figure out a way. I think your Haunted Mansion was really good and probably scary. Haha! I bet I would be annoyed to be in one. I'm glad you filmed that. I think I'm going to Epcot next and hope to film your ride. I can't wait until we go to the Haunted Mansion again and I can film that experience. I wonder if I could even film myself on Space Mountain or Splash Mountain. I know I could on Splash Mountain but might not feel like it. Those kid rides are fun, but we didn't go on most of them, last time, on my birthday, when I turned 26. I'm now as old as my mom was when I was born. Well, almost. Same as you. I realized finally that I was as old as she was when I was conceived soon after my birthday, when I finally quit talking to my grandma every day and reading the Bible entries. It's funny since watching your show somehow my laughing has changed into being kinda blank. Kinda smooth and metally like an anime. ^99^

I see you also have Breast Cancer stuff up. That's another one of those life-stopping events. I feel if I were famous like Orla Fallon or Celine Dion I wouldn't have any problems. See, you pass certain stages. In the end, there's nothing there.

If people weren't like wanting me to be more casual then getting mad when I mess up forever, you know just the little things, then my life would be fine.

It's funny how people today are. Some are worse than animals. How do they put on a front? They should all take off work and focus on their health. I guess we're all in debt but probably can get covered by government help.

I wonder what you'll do the rest of the month for Halloween. I might watch some ghost shows, which, I remember in 2009, were on a lot like on the Travel Channel. I'm still deciding on and looking for an ideal Halloween costume. I guess I'll show you when I wear it on Halloween. =D

Oh boy, then you have Thanksgiving, Christmas, and, my favorite holiday, New Year ... 2013. Hey 123. 0123. Maybe, I should get a new IMDb account and such. 01 04 2013. See what's available. I think my favorite account is BabyFrog. I was fortunate to have it and it stuck. I also have WaterFrog. Someone has waterloggedfrog. That made me jealous. Someone died, an old producer who produced "The Sound of Music" and things with Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, who had Tim agree to do a monster movie, "Mosterpocalypse." Funny, my first website,, not sure where, was black with a background at the top with buildings. It made me feel funny because I lost the account MonsterBaby but have Monster-Baby, now.

It's nice how people all go on your show and have to show such great respect. They seem so flattered. That's good. They're nice, I mean.

You have such a nice background. I painted my room aqua green and wanted to paint the borders gold, but now I am in the garage. My dad painted my room, and I was afraid of the garage at first. Now, all my stuff doesn't even fit here.

I wish my life were better, already. I've had so many problems. My fingers still hurt, the bones, from playing the piano so much that one day one time. Well, that's what I just felt. If my life were better, I wouldn't have so many problems. Wait, why did I say that? Well, a lot of people say that on your site and don't even say much about the show. I was thinking of something else...

So, about Halloween, I was thinking it's neat how you had the Haunted Houses so early. Pretty soon it will be Spring, when I started watching your show. If you're wondering, I'm really hot, even though it's getting colder out.

Well, okay, nice Haunted House and Cat Week... I noticed so many things when the girls, Jeannie and Amy, went into the Haunted House. It was so nice to see your two workers together. I guess Jeannie is an interviewer, and Amy is your writer? I posted to them on Twitter. This is so exciting, to see them on your show, was a fun opportunity to see them having fun. I know on YouTube I post myself singing a lot. I post when I go out, too. Right now, I'm catching up on rest and getting better food but hope to start working out again soon, just feeling kinda shy. Getting into the groove. Had been working out quite a bit. Having a more taxing time online.

Kate Walsh and Mike Epps
653 days ago

You are indeed a good person to play with your pets each day in a special area. I know I was supposed to play with a hamster an hour a day but never did. It responded to music. I played "Canon in D" for it when I got it a lot, and I think it liked it... I played it again later, and it came out and perked up and seemed like a person but like an adult to me. I got a one-eyed hamster. It lost its eye defending its baby. I'm pretty sure it was a male. The eye was just closed up. They called it cyclops, I think. I'm glad I took it home. I was feeling bad and saw a cute hamster find the choice seed and came back and found this one. In that neighborhood, a neighbor had a dog with a cast on one leg and it still went up to the grumpy man, so happy. I used to think about it for awhile. Dogs were my favorite animal but also sea otters and foxes and wolves. I also liked dragons. It's funny my brother's favorite color was pink. He lost his stuffed cat when we lived in the nation's oldest continuing city, and it was so sad. It was so unbelievable his profound love of felines as a toddler and child. We used to play for hours. However, he has a dying golden retriever who I've been leaving outside. He's in college. So, my favorite color was blue when my brother was growing up. His eyes were brown, though, supposedly, and we both have glasses, not sure why, maybe something that happened. Look at my website to see why...

Yes, I had pictures of my hamster and wish I took videos when I was a teenager. It seems every preteen has had a hamster. I named mine Henry right away when my dad asked. So, I feel funny to meet people named Henry.

Good bye to cat week! How many cat weeks are there?

Kate Walsh and Mike Epps
653 days ago

Well, I'm glad you also post online.

I enjoy other TV shows like "Ghost Adventures," as well, and they also host a website and have a page at IMDb. However, it's made me see ghosts the second time I came back and saw it.

I used to post with someone about "The Secret Circle," "The Vampire Diaries," and caught an episode of "True Blood."

I didn't go online when internet wasn't out, but then we moved and I stopped watching TV and just saw family movies like "Finding Nemo." I wanted to watch lots of movies every week, but then the movies started to get dull when I started seeing them every weekend.

Well, I'm glad that you do laugh, dance, and enjoy yourself watching her show. When I watch, I feel in a way critical and also humored. It makes me move around, too. It's fun to watch, but I suppose the most satisfying part is actually for me, as anyone would expect, seeing like how she's changed from episode to episode after spending time online following people on Twitter and maybe on their blogs. I'm sure she's noticed me, but she's never talked to me. I actually feel and am pretty sure she notices me frequently. I post to her on Twitter and have a blog, an interesting blog, which is easy to parse through and somewhat substantial but not satisfying enough in length, actually.

It's fun to just watch people, but sometimes it's more fun when they are knowledgeable about you. It's fun to see the people on her show react. It's very engaging, in a way.

Follow Tony, Jeannie, and Amy on Twitter.

I've been posting about Tim Burton and Johnny Depp nonstop like for 5 years, not working nor going to school.

It's fun as an American watching her show, but I read online her dad is not from the U.S. She is still very accomplished here. It's funny how everyone is associated with Europe, today.

I'm glad her show is good for you. I'm enjoying it as well and hope we get the most out of it.

Eric Stonestreet and Rachel Maddow
656 days ago

I've been having a hard time, can't drive and haven't been to the grocery in awhile. I used to exercise a lot and am in a recovery stage. I can't imagine people who never go for a walk, never jog, have never been to a gym, and don't own a workout video and a set of dumbbells. I've found I can't get by without physical activity to keep me going.

I sorta flunked out of college a few times. I used to be a 4.0 scholar and Talented Arts student. I also did ballet and gymnastics. I don't want to go back. I'm at home with my parents catching up on my eating and stuff and may try to work part time at Disney or start out as a model. I'm 26, so I am not the ideal age, but I had an active yet inactive life, you might say. I was kicked out of being a Music Education and Voice major. It was for being shy and I guess overworked. I also was in Ballet in college.

My life is like an orb of guilt with some sort of respect, a disgusting build-up of my past of whenever I went haywire in my ways of doing things. So, socially, I cannot settle down, probably because of physical inconveniences, which are strange, like not being awake to go to the grocery store for awhile when I was supposed to be able to go a lot. I've been mad on my blog, too, not sure how that affected it. Shouldn't. It's my blog. I have a right to my opinion.

Eric Stonestreet and Rachel Maddow
656 days ago

Wow, that's awesome! I wish I lived in a homeless shelter. Too bad laptops don't have long-lasting batteries. :|

I wanted to study music in college but apparently was wasting my time. :| I spent lots of money and got sick, a few semesters, and have 1 semester of F's I have to retake, which I won't, as far as the eye can see. I'm stuck at home trying to grow and get bigger and stronger. I guess I'm too dilapidated to get a job but am trying to work on Ellen's ride here at Disney part time, if that's what they do. I just can't imagine working full time, and I know I can get a part time job. I was gonna go back to study Communications. Online doesn't really look exciting, and the programs in my area aren't that good. I was thinking of Web Design, but I don't know...

If you taught music like on TV, maybe I would, I dunno, but only actors get that kind of attention, and singers. I actually was kicked out of that major and of taking voice. I wish I was just starting high school. (99) What would I take?

Year 1
1 - English II - G
2 - Geometry - G
3 - Biology I - H
4 - World Geography
6 - Frehsman Orientation | Talented Music I - Singing
7 - Talented Theater I
After School: Ballet

Year 2
1 - English III - APG
2 - Algebra II - G
3 - Biology II
4 - PE I | Health
5 - Spanish I
6 - Talented Theater II
7 - Talented Music II - Singing
After School: Ballet

Year 3
1 - English IV - APG
2 - American History - H
3 - Spanish II
4 - Talented Theater III
5 - Talented Music III - Singing
6 - Talented Art I
7 - Civics | Free Enterprise
After School: Ballet

Minor: Ballet
Major: Singing
Honors Program

I guess, here in Orlando, I dunno if I could stand doing anything. I'm set to work at Disney, I guess. I hope to be a dancer.

Well, I hope things in your life go your way. Eat up, have good experiences, and try to get out of being homeless. :)

Message From Ellen
673 days ago

Gwen Stefani hasn't aged?

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