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Name christina
Location Liverpool, NY
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Hobbies Watching my grandson, cooking and drinking.
About Me My husband and I have been married for 33 years, we have two children, a son named Anthony (29) and a daughter Laura (26). Anthony has a son named Adrian, he is the light of my life. My husband is a chef and he works 5 days a week, usually 12 hrs. a day. So, it's kinda nice being alone (or w/out him) all day. Now that Adrian is in pre-school, I can watch all of your show. Gotta go, tending to my sauce. It's macaroni day. Ciao.
Message from Ellen
185 days ago

Happy Birthday and wishing you nothing but fun for you and Portia on "your special day". My best friend, who is a retired, pre-k teacher, who still sings "today's your special day", to all those special people in her life. I've always admired you and think you're the cat's ass! Remember that saying? Geesh, haven't even taken my meds yet.
Freezin in the Northeast, Christina

The One and Only Rihanna!
627 days ago

I can't wait for Rihanna, I seen her this weekend on SNL. She sang two songs, which, one was a ballad. Freakin WOW, man. I have a new sense of love for the woman. Mad singer.