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Dear Ellen, I know a couple who I am truly grateful for. I have gotten myself into some trouble and have to go away for quite a while. I have two children that are going to need cared for while I'm gone and my mother recently passed away. My son's father is very 'sometimes' and my daughter has made allegations that her father had touched her inappropriately. I really didn't have anyone else to care for my kids and this couple, who is related to my sons father, stepped up and said that they would care for my kids. Meanwhile, they already have 4 kids of their own in the house, and 2 grown children out of the house. They live in a 4 bedroom house, and two of those bedrooms are quite small. So, that puts 2 kids in each room. It's a tight squeeze. However, they are making due and they don't complain. All the kids do well academically. The wife is a general manager for a restaurant and works alot of hours, and the husband is a football coach for our youth and has all of the kids doing all different sports. He runs all day for the kids to get them to school and home and to all their sporting events and does his coaching, and still makes it to work at for the midnight shift. I dont know when he finds time to sleep. They are great people who do their best and always try to help out when needed. I am very thankful to have them in mine and my childrens' lives and just wanted to let someone else know about them. Thanks.