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Name Christina
Location Lucasville, Ohio
Age 28
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Hobbies quilting, sewing, and bead work
About Me I am married, with two kids ( Ethan 6 and Abella 2) I am a working mother in the Nursing field. I love animals and some people. I am a big time family person with out family you have nothing.
Kelly Clarkson Performs 'Underneath the Christmas Tree'
231 days ago

I was sick all the time with my son... I used to love sausage but while I was pregnant the smell of it make me so sick, still cant eat it and that was 6 yrs ago.

So just by looking at you i'm going to guess your going to have a boy, sorry.

I loved how you couldn't stop talking, makes for a more interesting show rather than someone just sitting there acting like they would rather be some where else and just shortly answering questions.