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Name Christina
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Hobbies Anything that is time spent with my daughter.
About Me I am a single parent who works hard to provide for my child. She is my world and I couldn't imagine life without her. I love watching Ellen because it is so empowering and inspiring for me to keep my had high continue to work hard to better the life for my daughter and myself. Lilianna is my daughter who is now 3, herself and I love to watch and we favorite part of the show is the dancing and guest performers who sing. She loves to dance and sing. Her moves are from your show and it is absolutely the cutest thing to watch. We love you Ellen. We have high hopes to one day making a dream come true to meet or see you one day!
Ellen, Here's My Talent!
250 days ago

Here is my daughter Lilianna grace singing to Miley Cyrus wrecking ball. We were in the car on her 3 birthday on our way to her party. Yes she is only 3 with so much passion wen she sings. Definitely a cutie. She loves to watch you Ellen. It is just one of many things we do for our mommy daughter time. Being a single parent it can be challenging but watching you is so empowering and inspiring.