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Name Christie
Location hempstead, NY
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Hobbies I enjoyed reading, cooking, running when the weather is free of pollens. I am a good listener, as a social worker, it gives me great pleasure to assist, empower and give hope in hopeless situations. I love people.
About Me My name is Christie Obe, single (widowed since 1986). I enjoyed being a social worker because it gives me the opportunity to extend my love and kindness to those that need help. I believe there is a greater force that sees everything and He listens when we reach up to Him. I respect self and as such I like to extend that respect and love to others. It is a privilege when we utilize the given attributes by that greater being to help others that really need it. I believe and I know, the greater being will take care of our needs. Knock, the door will be open seek you will find and ask, your request will be taken care by the Almighty.
Eva Longoria, Clark Gregg
100 days ago

Hi Eva,
My name is Christie Obe, a social worker by profession and I am available to explore in what areas I can join the group of positive thinkers like you to make a difference in our world. I blieve in loving myself because if I do not, I cannot radiates any love to another human. I also believe in self respect and contentment. I also know that there is a reason for our being, I have all these life experiences and positive energy to be part of good-willed minds to make changes in this world. If you are able to spare that time, our journey will be remarkable and we will join other individuals to assist those who are desperate for help. Eva, stay well, no drugs and be as good as you are. I hope I hear from you soon. Be safe.

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177 days ago

Hello Ellen,
Happy birthday to you, long life and prosperity. What can I give to a birthday lady that has everything. My sincere blessing would be for the Almighty creator, the beginning and the end grant you all possible good health to continue inspiring, encouraging, supporting, giving hopes to millions of people who had given up on everything. I hope one day, with the assistance of the Father during the course of our jouney in this world, we will cross path. Happy birthday young lady, God bless you.

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241 days ago

Hello Ellen,
I am seizing this opportunity to express my feelings and thoughts about how you had been a good, positive role model to the human race.
When I had the opportunity to watch your shows, I enjoyed watching them. You appear to be sincere and concern to improve the well-being of people that are less fortunate than you.
I love seeing the adorable daughters of yours from Britain, I am not sure of their names but I think one of them is Sophire. If I am wrong with the name, I apologize.
Ellen I am not sure if you would have a chance to assist with my birthday that I will like to celebrate with my children and friends. I will like to celebate life and hope next year in April.
I hope you are doing well with your wife. You are a good lady and I pray for God guidiance and protection over you and your family.
Stay well and be safe