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Christian Eisert
Name Christian Eisert
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Hobbies Being a mommy, Dancing,and reading!
About Me I am a stay at home mom to two beautiful daughters. I am the mom taxi and volunteer at my daughters school when I can. I used to work in banking prior to having my daughters. I loved dancing, acting and cheerleading. Now my days are filled with driving my daughter to school and gymnastics juggling her doctors appointments. I am just trying to be here for my girls and encourage them any way that I can.
Christian Eisert
Taylor Swift
637 days ago

Dear Ellen,

I am the proud mother of two beautiful daughters Hailey 6 and Emily 3. My daughter Hailey is a huge Taylor Swift fan and every year that Taylor Swift has a new album Santa brings it to her. Hailey has had a rough past two years. Hailey is one of many children who suffer from allergies. She undergoes two allergy shots every week and every few weeks she has to have new tests done to up her vials. Thankfully they are helping but her allergies have caused her body to have other health issues. Hailey is a huge Taylor Swift fan she has magazines, books, cd's and Dvd's even a few guitar picks of hers. Last year Hailey's uncle ordered her a Taylor Swift throw blanket that is on her bed every night. All Hailey wants more than anything is to meet Taylor. I am so glad that you encourage people to do great things and show amazing children on your show it is encouraging to others. Keep being a great inspiration to people you surely pay it forward in life!