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Christi-Shea Coffee-Burkett
Name Christi-Shea Coffee-Burkett
Location Roseburg, Oregon
Age 46
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Hobbies Spending time with my grandkids and i watch alot of tv.
About Me I am a disabled due to overdose of radiation, i was diagnosed with cancer of may2001 and have severe complications from the radiation called radiation nercrosious. Im not able to walk that well anymore and had to give up driving i have been fighting this illness for 12 years i am pretty much stuck in my home but i hope to get a wheelchair that i can lift and i hope to one day be able to afford hand controlls for my car so i dont feel like im stuck in my house. It has been very hard dealing with my health issues and on top of everything my son was killed in August 2010. Im a very strong person and i am never going to give up on life nomatter what is put in my way. I would love to be able to drive again and i want to teach woman about the risks of not getting a yearly check up and to show them the risks that they are taking by not getting there yearly check up. I waited 12 without my yearly checkup and ended up with cervical cancer and alot of other serious health problems but i want to teach women and teens that it is very important to get your yearly papsmear i do not want anyone Elsie's have to go through what i have had to endure.and if th not to ever give up and to always have faith. It is very hard specially being a mom of 3 and having to use medicaid i feel if i have had better insurance i would have gotten better care i wouldnt have to suffer and i would not have the problems i have had to go through if i had better insurance.
Christi-Shea Coffee-Burkett
Ellen in Sydney
415 days ago

I didnt have enough rom to finish my story any way i would love to come on the show to say how important it is for foung woman to make sure they take care and get there anusl check ups cus i dnt want any one to have to go thru whst i have hsd to endure. I brlieve the hov injections are a must for young adults. I love you elken you make my day everyday you are so giving and caring if there were more people like you this world eld be a brtter place. I eldlove judt to be able to come on your show or just be in he audienceyou reall expire me. And yes it eould be awdome to win a new car or judt o tell my dtory. I watch you evrryday and you have so msntly pivks i eould hsve to pivk all of thrm. You are the best like i said you inspire me i eidh you or your staff eould vome yo roseburg or. I i want people yo know no matter how hard life is you gotta dtay strong snd nevrr give up and always be hsppy wnd have faith and always help one another no matter hrlp so msny people i widh i could do the same specially for my daughter who has stuck by my side with all my health problems wnd encouraging me yo not give up and to learn to drive again if any one deserves anything it is her for havin to help me all these years. And im do ptoud of her dhe is finally graduating college if it wasnt for my health she eld have grafuated sooner but she has msnage yo take care of me and raise hrr beautiful kids.sorty if this is idnt relavant. I just woukd do anything to meet ellen a new csr eould be awsome but just meeting ellen eould make my day.shes on my top5 things to do! Thsnk you elken for everything thst you do for everyone thst needs your help.i want you to know i eill keep fighting my health issues and continue to help people when i can but bein on ssi @710.0 a month doesnt really give me a whole lot of room to hrlp but i do my best. Please pick me to be on your show