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Hi Ellen
First and foremost you are just such an amazing person and I just love you. I wish more people had your generosity and gentle heart. Which actually is why I'm writing you.
I wanted to let you know about my amazing Grandmother, Ida Womacks, known to us as Grandma Slim. March 7th will be the 2 year anniversary of her passing at the ripe old age of 94. This woman was truly one of God's angels on Earth. I can't even begin to tell you the life she had. She was so hardworking, giving, compassionate, creative and humble.
This woman never had (pardon the expression) a "pot to piss in" yet she managed to raise 5 children, one of which had severe cerebral palsy and was wheelchair bound. Her husband, my grandfather, preferred to spend his time, and paycheck, on his horses and booze, so she had to work full time to make ends meet.
She actually cared for my uncle in her home for more than 50 years until he went into a group home facility. But up until then she did everything for him, lifting him in and out of his wheelchair, feeding, grooming, the hole nine yards basically all by herself. Back then there were none of the conveniences we have now to aid in the care of people with disabilities. Even his wheelchair was homemade.
Besides caring for her family, she was very active in her church and community. She was a member of the Legion Auxiliary, Dakota Steam Threshers Auxiliary, NR Cemetery Association, Superior Homemakers and creator of The Handicap Club. (yes I know not very PC now, but back then it was a group of individuals with disabilities that got together to socialize, do crafting etc., just something for them to help feel like they belonged and not outcasts).
Later in life (in her 60's - late 80's) she took on caregiving roles for elders in the community. I laugh when I say that as she was older than some of them that needed her help. She had several people that she made the rounds everyday to see, make or bring them their meals, run their errands (groceries, pharmacy, post office, etc.), bathing grooming, eye drops from cataracts surgeries - you name it. She was ALWAYS taking care of others.
Her work did not go unnoticed and she did receive a few key honors in her life.
She was nominated for North Dakota Merit Mother of the Year in 1988, Maxwell House 100 Heroes in 1992, and featured in the book, “Beautiful Women of North Dakota” recognized as The Beauty of Happiness. But if you would have asked her about any of them she would probably have smiled a little, covered her nose and mouth with her gentle hand and said "well I don't know why they would have picked me I'm not so special".
So back to the reason I'm sending you this. I put a posting on my Facebook page for my family and friends to celebrate Grandma's life by honoring her on March 7th (the day of her passing) and I'm calling it "Honor Ida Day".
I asked everyone to do me a favor and to do something nice for someone that day. It could be anything - buy coffee for the office, shovel the neighbors sidewalk, check in on a distant relative that lives all alone, hold the door open at the grocery store, whatever - just do something nice for someone else in Grandma's honor. And I also had to mention the animals, as Grandma had very soft spot for animals, so I said - if there's a stray outside - feed it; if there's a dog running out in the street in traffic - stop your car and go get it. Because that's what Grandma would do.
I was wondering if you could help spread the word for me. It would be great to know how many people's day could be made a little brighter by someone just doing something nice for them in Grandma's honor.
Thanks Ellen