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Chris R  London
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Hobbies Equine events, music, helping people in distress and being bullied by large business.
About Me I am actually based in England and watch the Ellen shows on the internet. I have found her funny, but at the same time serious when in a genuine situation such as this. She is also compassionate. There is a episode of the show, where a boy with extreme learning difficulties appears with his parents. The boy goes up to Ellen, and wants to talk, and the first thing she does is to ask: "do you want to sit with me?" He moves towards and she sits him beside her in her chair and puts her arm around him. Not once does she talk down to him. His "thanks Ellen" is so genuine makes her tear up. To those who run this woman down; you can say what you like she is great with children. The same thing happened in this clip, where she does not talk down to Pamela and is clearly embarrased about the statement she made in the earlier programme. There are very few people in the UK who would invite the person who they (in effect) insulted back on to their show, live, to make an apology like that.