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Name chip
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Age 58
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Hobbies Watching Ellen and other good programming such as Jay Leno, X Factor, Hell's Kitchen, American Idol, Two and a half men,etc.Golf
About Me I am 56, male, extremely friendly, very talkative, love sports, movies, photography, and watching a lot of television. I was a single father for 18 years to an incredible son and daughter now 31, and 30 years old. My fantasies is a long cruise through the Carribean or Hawaiian Islands, eat lobster in Maine, and see Ellen's show. I love playing golf
Mark Wahlberg's Toe Trouble
495 days ago

I don't have Tv anymore since I lost my job over a year and a half ago, so I have to watch Ellen on my computer. We do not even have local reception on an antennae here in this tiny town of Sebring Florida. However, I cannot see full episodes on the computer and it really upsets me. I am 56 years old and I have NEVER missed Ellen! Until now.

Message from Ellen
654 days ago

Ellen I hope you get this E-mail because I am still dumb on the computer. I remember on your show announcing you have a computer and will learn how to use it! Ellen I am 56 years old, male and have NEVER EVER missed your show until now. I am completely totally broke and have exhausted all of my savings because I have been unemployed for over two years. I cannot afford anything with -98.00 in my bank account. So I watch you on-line at Mc Donalds with their free WI-FI and a dollar cheeseburger.! If I had to nominate someone for help it would be me. I helped many people in the past. Anyway, when I laugh out loud I tell the customers at Mc Donalds, I am watching ELLEN! Some of them join me Love ya and Portia.