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Cheryle Steggall
Name Cheryle Steggall
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Hobbies crafts cards and going to the casino when I can.
About Me I am 73 years old, married and live in Cedar Rapids Iowa. My husband is not doing well physically. We have 5 daughters and 4 grandsons and 1 granddaughter I have a twin sister and we were the 1st born babies in Jan. 1941. We are very close and look alike.
Cheryle Steggall
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192 days ago

glad to see that someone drew a couple winners from Iowa. I didn't think anyone knew that Iowa existed. I sent you an e-mail about my husband and all his problems not realizing until after I sent it that the comments were suppose to be relevant to the blog entry. I apologize for this, I guess next time I better read before I write. Congratulations on your Peoples Choice Award you certainly deserve it. Also congratulations to Porsha for becoming an American citizen. Welcome to the USA.

Cheryle Steggall
Message from Ellen
199 days ago

I watch or tape your show every day and you make my day with your humor and kindness. I have sent you letters about my husband. We lost our home in the 2008 flood and had a car accident 2 months later getting hit by a drunk driver. 2010 my husband lost his leg from diabetes and a sore that wouldn't heal. I had a double masectomy in the fall of 2010. In 2011 my husband was diagnosed with multiple melanoma breaking his arm which cannot be repaired and is still broke in 2 places. In 2012 he was diagnosed with stage 4 squeamish cell skin cancer now in 2013 just before Xmas he fell and broke open his heel on his good leg, not sure where that is going to end, hopefully not losing that leg. Our car is a 2003 that is dollaring us in repair bills but can't afford a different one because not sure what my husbands future holds.I sometimes question my faith but I always come back to reality because I think he is making me stronger and more faithful and they say everything happens for a reason so I have faith in him. Watching your show just heightens my day and makes me forget all about my problems as I'm sure there are many people worse off but making me laugh really HELPS. Thanks Ellen for making my days.