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Cheryl Roberts
Name Cheryl Roberts
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About Me I have 2 wonderful children and 1 wonderful husband. I work from home and just try to live one day at a time. I have health issues that I have to deal with but I do my best. I like to go to the casinos in Blackhawk CO and I hang out with my daughter who just got married in July. I have hi hopes of becoming a grandma in the future. Right now my grandson has 4 legs and his name in Munki!
Cheryl Roberts
Support Indy the Dog
268 days ago

I guess this is where you want us to let you know about animal shelters in need. This animal shelter is not for dogs and cats of the small kind, but large animals that have been rescued from all kinds of situations. It's called The Wildlife Animal Sanctuary ( in Keensburg CO. We went for the first time this weekend and what a wonderful place. Lions, tigers, bears, wolves, foxes (even a camel)who have been rescued can live out there days on huge acres of land. No cages just natural habitat (with a few toy type items for amusement).They rely on donations to feed and care for these animals. I had never heard about this place until my son told me about it and so I thought maybe you would enjoy knowing about it as well. I thought about writing you even before you announced the chance for the big prize on your show yesterday. I wish I were in a place to help support this organization but I am not. Maybe my way of helping out is letting you know about this place. I hope you take a few minutes and check out their website. Some of the stories of what they were rescued from are so sad. Thank you for letting me have a place to let you know about this organization. God bless our animals!