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Cheryl Prievo
Name Cheryl Prievo
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Hobbies Scrapbooking, Computers, Family, and having fun with my friends....
About Me Hi I am 52 years old, Married for 33 years and mother of 3. I work on computers in a school district, I have been there for about 20 + years. I have lived in Carthage, NY for my whole life. I have a wonderful family, and a terrific group of friends. That's pretty much it in a nut shell.
Cheryl Prievo
It's a 12 Days Bonus Day!
109 days ago

Hi Ellen, I have to say I just love you and your show. I have written to you before, I think my daughter actually wrote to you before about us too. I would LOVE to win the 12 days of giveaways but more than that I would love to be able to have my "Hyster Systers" and myself be able to come to one of your shows. We all Just LOVE you. We got asked to do a commercial for the Hampton Hotel a little over a year ago and they were paying us each a little bit of money to do it and we kept teasing with them and said you don't have to pay us if you could just get us to the Ellen Show. LOL..... But it is truly our dream to come and be part of your show. We have a very unique "Syster" friendship and we are always looking for more ways to spend time together and just laugh, which I know is your passion also. Thanks for listening.... Love you.... I have attached the link to our commercial if you would like to take a look. Thanks for doing what you do. You make more dreams come true than anyone I know.... You truly are amazing.