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Cheryl Marcum
Name Cheryl Marcum
Joined 234 days ago
Hobbies cooking mostly, feeding squirrels and birds, playing with 4"kids' dogs
About Me I am 64 years old married for 20 years. I already get your newsletter been following you for a long time. We live in Fla, in near the Ocala National Forest
Cheryl Marcum
Cute Puppy Wants a Kitty
227 days ago

I love it can't get enough, just wish they would have shown the dog and the kitty, when they saw each other.

Cheryl Marcum
Can Ellen Help You Fulfill a Dream?
234 days ago

Dear Ellen, We are desperately running out of time. If we don't have the money to pay our back Property Taxes we will not have a home in January. I have written many times telling you of our plight, I know a lot of people need help. We are Seniors. I am 64 and my husbandis 68. We have OWNED our home for 14 years and it is paid for. We had an accident in 2006 that threw us int a tale spin, because we could nit work for 2 years. My husband took his Social Security t 62 so we would have some income, but was only $450 a month. Thank God or home was paid. I applied for SSI, and it took over 2 years to get, and they paid it in installments. just enough to pay some bills we had. and start to pay the behind taxes. Which we have been doing until this year. When i went to pay $2500, I was told we had to pay the entire amount almost $12000. Well now we only have this month or our home will be auctioned in January.Ellen, Please it is our Christmas wish to find someone to help. I have been doing everything to try to find help. but it has been futile. I am not in good health and neither is my husband. we cannot afford to move we simply do not have the money to pay rent and storage etc. We have 4 dogs that we have had since they were puppies and 2 of them are up in years and 2 that are younger, but they will not understand losing their forever home. We need repairs to our home. It is a 1983 double wide. we have 2 beat up old cars with over 300,000 miles and are in constant need of repair, so we can go to the Dr. But my main concern is the Taxes. If we can get them current, we can stay on top of it. SO, Please Please, Ellen if you can make our Christmas wish come true, we would be so happy. We watch you all the time, I DVR your show so I don't miss you. My name is Cheryl Mar***, my hubby is JW. We live in in Silver Springs, Fla. my email is My phone # is 352-289-4639 or my cell for messages is 352-454-9079. We love you Ellen Thank you