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Cheryl Greaves
Name Cheryl Greaves
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About Me I have been an IS employee for many years until a recent car accident which resulted in a craniectomy, skull removal for several months, my original prognosis was very disconcerting but, I wouldn't give up. I continue to recover and try to help other patients with the realization of improving recovery.
Cheryl Greaves
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230 days ago

Hi Ellen, Thank you for leting me into your group of wonderful fans.. I had one question, can you find out how to get me a Ninja Turtle (sic) Lair house (approx. 42" tall) My grandson has been helping me since my Craniectomy and I think he doesn't know that I can find for him, except, everyone is sold out! I know everyone askes of this but, I want you to understand that I am (O.K.) He is 6 years old and doesn't understand (my sister is helping me type this)that sometimes it's hard but, I am going to be there for him ALWAYS. Thank you Ellen, and don't worry if you can't help because I enjoy watching everyone else. Cheryl